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Sauceda's Precision Grinding

Sauceda’s Precision Grinding, Inc., resides on 10 acres in the lower region of South Texas. Founded in 1979 by Bernardo Sauceda, Jr., SPG began by supplying customers with precision-made Dies, Tools, Gages, & Fixtures. After Incorporating in 1984 and expanding capacities in 1992, SPG then met customer demands to include CNC Production services in 2001.

Now, Sauceda’s Precision Grinding, Inc., is the leader in our industrial region hosting the largest and most complete all around services to support manufacturing entities.

Sauceda’s Precision Grinding, Inc. was founded by Bernardo Sauceda, Jr., (1943-1995) in San Benito, Texas on May 29, 1979. At an early age, “Bernie” learned the meaning of hard work by working in the fields picking cotton, strawberries, and other products to help support his family. As he grew older, his work endeavors progressed and he settled in and around the Chicago, Illinois suburbs. An opportunity arose and he was able to garner his education at the Chicago Tool & Die Institute; thus, the foundation for his ultimate career objective had begun. Bernie spent time working for different facets of Tool & Die making, and after relocating back to San Benito for a few years, he opened his own business. With the knowledge and training he learned in Chicago, Bernie was able to service the Lower Texas Region which was a predominately agricultural area at this point. With continued success, he was able to expand and incorporate his business in 1984 servicing clients such as General Motors & Trico Technologies. Up till his passing in 1995, Sauceda’s Precision Grinding, Inc., thrived under the leadership of Bernardo Sauceda Jr. To this day, his family continues to service S.P.G.’s customer base with the same passion and dedication that Bernardo Sauceda Jr. helped institute.